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Bob Ross Wet on Wet Painting Demonstrations


In addition to classes, I can conduct Painting Demonstrations for your group or organization. These lectures can be adjusted to fit the specific time-frame you are trying to fill; 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.  During the event, I will complete an oil painting start to finish, and elaborate my art background and the actual techniques I am employing during the demo.


-   cost is determinate on the situation, ranging from $0 up to $ 30 per hour. 

 -  in addition to the demonstration duration, setup and teardown time must be built into the session

-  target group should be a minimum of 12 adults

-   the location must be within 120 miles of Vernon CT.   You must pay for mileage at $1 per mile round trip and you must pay for the rental of a location if appropriate. 

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