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My Story

Art has been a part of my life ever since as a child I first used my brother's Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw set.   As a teen, I started learning the wet-on-wet technique* as taught by William Alexander on TV in the 1980s and later by Bob Ross. My art was put on hold while in college and as my wife and I raised our four children, moved and changed jobs.  I picked up my brushes again, re-learning how relaxing and fun it is.  I love doing landscape and wildlife art.   My goal is to establish myself as a small group instructor in the wet-on-wet technique.  I earned my teaching certification from the Bob Ross Company in 2020.  I am also a Wilson Bickford Painting Partner.  I have over 30-years experience teaching adults. 


Let me help you unleash the artist that lives within yourself !


*Wet-on-wet technique  is an age-old technique in which wet paint is added in layers, thin over thick paint, to allow a painting to be done in hours versus days to weeks.  This is a very stress free and creative method of painting.  It is a great technique to learn how to paint, express your creativity and reduce stress and strain.


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